INTELLIO 2.0 Processor

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Chopping vegetables or making thin/thick slices or shredding fine carrots / radish / beetroot or even blending fantastic smoothies, Brayden INTELLIO is the fun choice and a smart cute kitchen buddy.


Product Features :

FOOD IS LOVE && Chopper bowl with 400ml capacity retains freshness of Chopped food you love with FRSHLOK technology.
SWIFT CHOPPING && Chunks of veggies or grind of them or a fine puree, make ém perfect with S-TWIST 4D Dual blades & Ultrafast 350W unicopper motor.
DOUBLE ACTION FLIP && Bilevel “SG” disc dons double action role of a slicer & a grater in just a flip.
VECTOR SLICER && Wafer thin slices of cucumber or a radish made just possible with sharp angled vector slicer blade on one side.
SHRED ‘n’ GRATE && Flip the ‘SG’Disc. Fine shreds of veggies for salads or subzi is ready from cabbage, potato, carrot and cheese etc.,

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