RIZO 1.8L Rice Cooker

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Cooking rice in a pressure cooker is laborious. Make easy that daunting task with easy-to-cook electric rice cooker. Brayden RIZO 1.8L is fun choice for your kitchen to cook rice in a jizzy & hey, it can keep it warm too.


Product Features :

FLICK TO COOK && Fluffy tender rice can be cooked in just the flick of a switch. Keep warm is a bounty.
BIG FAMILY IS FUN && Jumbo 1.8 litre cooking bowl makes cooking better for a big family with 700W power.
AUTOMATIC COOKING && Busybee like you need an automatic cooker. Auto shut off features cuts the power once soft puffy rice is ready
STICK NO MORE && Move over sticky bowl. Anodised aluminium coated pan is resilient & can withstand years of continued heat and use
COOK NOT JUST RICE && White, Brown, Yellow, Short or Long grain rice is easy deal. Make even oatmeal, Soups, Stew, Quinoa,Pasta-food that you’ll love

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