CHOPRO – Multi-Chopper

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Cutting thinly sliced onions for raitha or diced vegetables for curry or chopped herbs/greens for the fresh salad,Brayden CHOPRO is fun buddy to make it happen with least efforts


Product Features :

HUNKY CHOPPING && Got an hour to cook don’t waste 10 minutes on chopping. 300W Uni Copper motor is powerful to assist this task in a blink
GO BUTTONLESS && Forget to search for buttons. One zippy press on top finishes the job precisely in CHOPRO.
DOUBLE ACTION && Bi-level AERO4 blades maximizes the action and minimizes the time spent on chopping
CRAZY CLEAN && Cylindrical 500ml bowl hold the chopped vegetables intact with no exposure to open air.
STAY FIRM && Chopping hunky can get shaky, not with CHOPRO and its webbed anti-slip grip ring at bottom

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