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INTELLIO 3.0 Processor

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Chopping vegetables or making thin/thick slices or shredding fine carrots / radish / beetroot or even blending fantastic smoothies, Brayden INTELLIO is the fun choice and a smart cute kitchen buddy.


Product Features :


CRUISE CONTROL && Chunky or smooth, you master your blend like a pro with 2 speed control + pulse function.
BLEND LIKE A PRO && Make your favourite mocktail or a healthy smoothie or a protein shake on the Go with 4D Dual blades & Ultrafast 350W unicopper motor
SWIFT CHOPPING && Chunks of veggies or grind of them, make ém perfect with S-TWIST 4D Dual blades
FOOD PROCESSOR && Wafer thin slices of cucumber or a radish made just possible with sharp angled vector slicer blade on one side and Flip the ‘SG’Disc to prep shreds of veggies for salads or subzi is ready from cabbage, potato, carrot and cheese etc.,
SAFETY AIN’T A SLOGAN && Techno lock releases only if the jar is tightly latched to base ensuring high safety levels.



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DOUBLE ACTION FLIP Bilevel "SG" disc dons double action role of a slicer & a grater in just a flip.
MADE TO LAST Unicopper motor, Stainless Steel casing on base, BPA free food grade jar all are made to last really long.
COOL DESIGN Stage mounted motor for action without shaking. Overheat protection is a bonus.
CONTEMPORARY PREMIUM Rich Black & Steel mix of towering base stands tall as a compelling beauty to kitchen.
RUN LIKE HELL Tritan ( TX1001 from Easterman. USA) Porta Jar is a spill proof & ergo hold lets you gallop to work with shake in hand.
ANTI - VIBRATE Leakproof chopping and mess-free slicing action makes it a clean job.


-CHOPPER - Onion, Spinach, Cabbage, Garlic, Meat , Nuts, Baby food.
-FOOD PROCESSOR - Cucumber, Carrot, Potato, Cheese, Radish.
-JUICER - Fruits or Vegetable / Smoothies, Protein Shakes


Fun never must stop! Brayden INTELLIO 3.0 comes with 1 year standard replacement warranty.