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Brayden Fito Rapid 3.0, 300 W Sports Blender with BPA Free 570ml Tritan Bottle – Transparent Grinding Jar – 600ml Chopping Bowl (Blush Red). Discover fun of nutritious juices, smoothies, shakes and Masala /nCoffee and chop Veggies with Brayden FITO RAPID 3.0 Juicer / Grinder cum Chopper


Product Features :

HYDRATED NUTRITION && NutriVac Technology in FITO RAPID 2.0 extracts more nutrition per fruit thereby boosting power of hydration for a fit body.
TURBO4+ BLADES && Precision Turbo4+ blades pulverises fruits to pulp in a jiffy with the power of 300W SupraTech motor. Spend less time in kitchen and enjoy that moment elsewhere.
HE’S A STUNNER && Blush Red Glossy body co-ordinated with crystal clear TRITAN BPA Free 400ml juicer jar gets that stunning looks you can hardly resist.
BE THE SPORT && Cool trendy jar design with a sporty cap and a sling to carry it to gym, game, yoga class etc.Uber trendy embossed grip lets you hold it tight even while you are in action.
CHOICES APLENTY && Crush ice to make slushies, juice a fruit, mix a milkshake grind a smoothie, pulse a veggie juice. The choice is yours. Masala jar is an delightful add-on to grind spices, nuts or even coffee beans.
INVERT ‘N’ CHOP && Invert the SupraTech motor unit on the 600ml Chopper bowl.Bi-layered swift Blades chops, minces and even purees vegetables with serrated chopping bowl.

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Smoothies - Bananan, Orange, Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry
Milkshakes - Vanilla, Chocolate Blend, Mixed Berry, Fig, Marshmallow, Oreo
Protein Shakes - Mass, Vegan, Diet, Whey, Soy
Fruit Juices - Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Guava, Banana
Vegetable Booster - Carrot/Cucumber, Tomato/ Celery, Spinach/ Lemon
Baby Supplements
Grounded Masala, Spices, Coffee, Nuts, Herbs
Chop vegetables, Leafy greens, Nuts
Minces, Garlic and herbs
Make purees, salad dressing, bakery toppings


Fun never must stop! Brayden FITO RAPID 3.0 comes with 1 year standard replacement warranty.