Lonely times. Hamming your favourite song. Time to make peace with yourself. Mind takes control over your heart. Penchant to try something new today, everyday. You are the planner for the whole family. Plotting their likes and dislikes to strike a common cord. Ignoring your hatred for that common choice.

A simple dal demands multiple ingredients. A complex curry or a pulao makes the task much more challenging. Continental dish like a sandwich or a pasta is certainly taxing. Good chef excels in planning and preparation of all those to spoil a best dish to go waste while cooking. Preparation takes control of this.

  Thinly chopped onions or carrot for curry!

  Nicely diced cucumber or tomato for salad!

  Mildly trimmed parsley or spinach for pasta!

  Smoothly blended tomato puree for the kebabs!

  Nicely powdered masala for the pakodas!

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