Waking up after Creepy dreams.Thought of hitting a gym.The day at work ahead of you.That presentation to the management.Those grilling Long hours.The rush to your kid’s soccer game.That enduring race on wheels to back home .The hard choice of dinner to make in night .Tucking away kids to bed reading a storybook.Trying to catching up sleep thinking of a challenging tomorrow.

A typical day sucks. Cut over the boredome.Infuse fun in a tiring day (that is every day) with hydration. Make each activity count, every little thing memorable, enjoy boring chores by adding fun to it.

   A Cup of coffee with a twist when you wake up!

   A Bowl of hot cereals before work!

   A mug of booster juice before the morning jog!

   A Pitcher of smoothie while at work!

   A cup of thick milkshake for your’s kids playday!

   A hot cup of tea in the evening break!

   A steaming bowl of soup before dinner for family!

–  Make everything FUN in a smart and fast pace with DRINK range of BRAYDEN! Designed for you, to discover fun in life, BRAYDEN!